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April 2016

Tips for Beautiful Makeup

Beautiful makeup tips are useful to know what you should do to make the makeup work to its fullest capacity, for, makeup done unprofessionally and without any thought would not be able to give you the desired results. Before applying the makeup that you hope would create a magical aura around you, consider these following tips for beautiful makeup:

Beautiful Makeup Tip 1

It is better to use toner on your face first. Use of a good moisturizer is also a good option, as this helps in proper and better blending of foundation. This is where most of people do not put proper care and end up in a mess of things, as the foundation does not give desired results!

Beautiful Makeup Tip 2

Use your fingers for working the foundation on one area of your face. It is better if you are moving your fingers in circular motion, and after you have finished this finger-walk, you can use sponge for the final working of the foundation.

Beautiful Makeup Tip 3

It is advisable to use a translucent loose powder to set the makeup with the help of a soft brush. When you are using the brush, dust the makeup in downward motion.

Beautiful Makeup Tip 4

If you are using blusher for your makeup, care needs to be taken in its application, for, it is better to apply in circular motion with fingers along the bottom of cheekbones. Mind you, application of blusher over the line that would pass from the center of your eyes is always prohibited!

Beautiful Makeup Tip 5

If you want to provide more natural look, you can fend the brush after you have loaded it with the blusher to remove the extra blusher.

Beautiful Makeup Tip 6

It is better to opt for a colorless eye shadow as a base. Darker colors need to be applied on outer side of eye shapes, and if you have already used more than required, you can use translucent or colorless coating over the already made.

Beautiful Makeup Tip 7

Sometimes, people get carried away with the colors of their clothes and try to match the color of makeup with it. Mind you, this may not look beautiful, so, it is better to opt for colors that actually suit your complexion. Using mild colors can lend a rare beauty to your face.

Beautiful Makeup Tip 8

If you are using eyeliner to make your eyes attractive and talking, it should be applied close to base of eyelashes, so that it can make them look thicker.

If you follow these tips for your makeup, the possibility of finest outcome for your face is more and you will enjoy the place for which you have intended the makeup!

Fine Hair and Protein Myths

Fine Hair and Protein MythsA lot of people think that you can increase your hair’s vitality by what you eat – and they are correct. However, a lot of people are wrong to assume that you need to consume a lot of protein, and specifically animal protein, to have healthy hair. For example, some people recommend those with fine hair consume a lot of eggs. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Here’s a personal example. My mother and I both have fine, thin, straight hair. She has eaten meat all her life, while I am a strict vegetarian (vegan). No matter that our diets differ, we both have similar quality hair. Of course part of this is genetic. But also, this is because we both get a well-balanced diet (mine just doesn’t contain any animal products).

To increase the vitality of your hair through diet, you need to include the following on a regular basis:

    Clean water
    A wide array of fruits and vegetables, preferably raw or cooked low-heat
    A good selection of protein from several sources including: soy protein/flour, plant protein (like whole grains and rice) and brewers yeast.

I also recommend a high-quality multivitamin. In particular look for multivitamins with biotin and folic acid. These are the amino acids required for hair growth.

Gelatin Caps

Knox Gelatin sells packets and capsules of ground-up gelatin and markets it as a supplement to strengthen hair, skin, and nails. Before I became vegetarian my mother and I tried consuming these packets and capsules – along with eating tons of Jello — for a period of four months. Neither of us saw a bit of difference in our hair, skin, or nails. Perhaps it takes longer to work but I doubt it. Besides, the thought of eating ground up animal bones (that’s what gelatin is) just isn’t appealing.

Are You Vegetarian/Vegan?

You might have encountered good-natured people who tell you that eating meat will increase the diameter or quantity of your hair. And I’m sure you know this just isn’t true. I can believe you get all the nutrients you need through a well-balanced diet. However, if you are thinking of adding anything to your routine in an effort to help your hair, skin, or nails, I’d recommend the following supplements:

    Vegan Multivitamin
    Flaxseed (oil form or ground up) – add to a variety of dishes, this provides omega 3 fatty acids typically found in seafood.
    Nutritional Yeast – add to dishes, tastes kind of like mild powdered cheese. Make sure you buy the nutritional kind, not the kind for baking bread or from the brewing process.

People who are not vegetarian/vegan will benefit from adding any of the above-mentioned into their diets, too.

Yes, diet does play a role in the health and vitality of your hair. However, eating too much animal protein won’t thicken fine hair – but probably will thicken your arteries! So, be healthy and get your protein from plant sources. Don’t be fooled by well-meaning, but uninformed people when it comes to having great health and fabulous hair!

Dealing with Skin Dryness

Dry skin has a parched look caused by its lack of ability to retain moisture. Characteristics of dry skin are fine pores, dryness, fine lines, roughness, tight, uncomfortable feeling, and dull appearance. If your skin feels the same, it’s a fair bet you’ve got a dry complexion.

Dry skin is caused by too little sebum in the lower levels of skin and too little moisture in the upper levels. It feels tight and itchy after washing. It requires soothing care to look its best. It is essential to take proper care to hydrate it. Only then you can begin to enjoy a new, softer skin.

Dry skin is very reactive to the environment and hates extremes of cold, heat and wind. It tends to peel and has a tendency to premature ageing with the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles. There is a difference between a dehydrated skin and a dry skin. While the dehydrated skin is simply thirsty, dry skin needs extra care in adapting a beauty regime to nourish the weakened corneal layer. While dealing with dry skin, your objective should always be to restore tone to the lipids in the corneal layer.

Every dermatologist’s advice: you must cleanse according to your skin type. Dry skin must be cleansed without removing the skin’s protective film. So you should opt for a thick milk cleanser and rinse with flower water. Your moisturizing cream should be rich in repairing agents containing ceramides, which reduce the salt content and slow down the evaporation of water in the skin.

Face Masks for dry skin:

1. Mix 2 tablespoons honey with 2 teaspoons milk. Smooth over face and throat. Leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

2. Mash apricots mix it with warm olive oil to form a paste. Apply it on your face and leave it for 10 minutes, then wash off.

Some helpful tips for dealing with dry skin:

1. Drink one and half litre of water every day to retain the hydration rate of your skin cells. Also, it benefits your overall health.

2. Maximize the effects of hydration by adding the essential oil, angelica, to your day and night creams.

3. Make sure to abandon water based cleansers.

4. Try iris flower, as it is excellent for retaining moisture in the skin.

5. Always opt for creams with ceramides.

6. Eat a balanced diet including fresh fruits and vegetables.

7. Stay away from soft drinks, sugar and other junk foods.

Homemade solutions for dry, flaky skin:
1. Place a sprinkling of sugar in your palm and dampen with water. Gently massage on the flaky areas. Rinse.
2. Rub half of an apple on skin to help even out the texture.

Your Guide To Green Tea Concentrate

Green Tea concentrate, often sold as Green Tea pills, allows manufacturers to make highly potent forms of this great herbal supplement. The Green Tea pills can have the same efficacy as drinking cups of Green Tea. Green Tea has been associated with a host of good health effects, so it is a great idea to get this supplement in pill format.

Green Tea extract is an anti oxidant that is one hundred times more potent than vitamin C and over twenty times as potent as vitamin E. Green Tea has also been shown to be an anti-cancer agent, and it may help to lower the low density lipoproteins (or “bad cholesterol”) in our bodies. One of the potential risks associated with Green Tea concentrate, however, is that it includes caffeine. While some may see this as a benefit, there are others out there who have to watch their caffeine intake. To that end, manufacturers have found a way to manufacture Green Tea concentrate that is caffeine free!

You can get Green Tea concentrate as a supplement by itself or you can find it included in herbal supplements that contain many ingredients. This is a matter of personal preference, as it can be good to get many of your necessary nutrients and minerals from one source. The anti oxidants found in Green Tea can help your body fight off the effects of free radicals, which are agents that attack the cell membranes in your body, causing damage.

Now that you know all there is to know about green tea concentrate, you can make a better decision regarding your choice of whether or not to use it. With the caffeine-free blend, there are virtually no side-effects and it can do wonders for your health.

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